Sanity Obscure

stands for the exciting mixture of Doom- and  Gothic-Metal. Sophisticated lyrics, heavy sound, antiphony, melancholic, yearning and above all lies the mist of the 90s Gothic Metal.



Sanity Obscure - Welcome to the darkness(official video)


Review Sonic Seducer  02/23

Sanity Obscure - Through

Heavy guitars hit the listener's ears , as soon as the choir's clarity of the intro falls silent.In case you're now wating for a roaring thunder, you will be surprised by a female voice, clear as a bell, full of pain and tragedy.(...) With "Through" they created a piece of art, that juggles with the deepest emotions of the audience, but also expressively reflects their own path. While the album convinces with authentic and emotional vocals, melodic parts and ingenious intrumental sections  add their own emphasis in between the sophisticated heavy parts(...) "Through" impresses not only with the special interplay of the vocals and the dramaturgical skills in the arrangement, but also with the occasional orchestral highlights.



Legacy  Nr. 144 03/2023

'Close your eyes, let yourself be carried away, feel this vague longing in every cell of your body - live out depression and free yourself from it. (...) 'Lament', the starter (...) pleases the listener with slow basslines, calm female vocals and piano sounds, only to pick up the tempo again noticeably, to come up with distorted, alienated voices, another change of tempo, aggression, back to the origin, contemplation, the circle closes. Brilliant. 'The Beauty In The Midst Of Pain' - the title says it all. Beauty-and-the-Beast-singing in perfection: close your eyes and let it sink in, it's worth it.'


Sanity Obscure

c/o Michael Schlössinger

Tulpenstrasse 24

97618 Hollstadt




Danse Macabre Headoffice und Studio

14476 Potsdam
+49 33208 237400
+49 162 / 6699666

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